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Allied Knights history    

This Guild, previously known as Night Allys, was purchased for 60g by Hoozyodaddy to be used for auction house storage.It did not have any gold nor any Guild bank Tabs, but it did have 4 members. Hoozyodaddy put his auction house addiction to the side and decided to help those 4 members. He wanted them to have something to be proud of something to belong to. This scenario reminded him of his kids and the guild they belonged to. where they had no voice  eventhough they had good ideas and were experts in the game. In a way, Hoozyodaddy wanted to make it up to his kids by giving these 4 members in this hollow guild what his kids never had. And that is the apportunity to lead and expierience leadership in all its levels. He wanted to give them a Guild they can call home.
Hoozyodaddy believes that for his ideas to work he must step down but he also believes he can not step down untill the foundations of his ideas are cemented in place.

Guild Motto:For I to lead for you to succeed, For I to succeed for you to lead.

Hoozyodaddy, Guild Master, Allied Knights

Server Status    
Cairne (PvE)

Welcome to the Allied Knights website! and Mighty Knights guild website as well

An important tool for communication between guild members and its officers/knights.

Rules and expectations can be found in the constitution page, it is important that all members read and know these well.  Titled appropriately the constitution can be amended, any member can make amendment suggestions in the corresponding forums page titled constitution amendments.

The Allied Knights is working towards being an active raiding guild. All members who are interested in joining guild raids must read the raid page and forums section, follow all rules and have all required addons and vent.  There will be no exception, if you want the benefit of guild raiding then these must be followed.

In addition all members must register on the website. Please add your characters and set your handle to your main characters name especially if your guildportal user name is different from your toons name. Your handle is the only way we will know who you are when posting in the forums so this is imperative.

Ranking will only be granted to those members who register on the website, set they're handle and are actively involved with the guild.  This includes contributing to the guild bank with gold! A guild is a team effort!  All contributions are for all members to share and we can only have the benefit of free repairs and gold if we all contribute.

That being said we are a fair and helpful guild, I have never known a better set of members in all my experience with other guilds and we hope that you will be a welcome addition to our family!!

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Blizz you suck
Current Leadership    
Broddy 1 (Broddy)
Guild Officer
Dragonlordmike1 (Bendarek)
Guild Officer
Hoozyodaddyo (Hoozyodaddy)
Guild Master
Guild Officer (Patchy)
Nihilatus (Nihi)
Guild Officer
Panthers (Ho)
Guild Officer
Zephs (Zeph)
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